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Stithians Centre News


Marks & Spencer Green Energy Competition 



The Stithians Centre competed for some grant money from Marks and Spencers Green Energy iniative. Our plan was to install 10 Kw of solar panels on the centre roof (new section of roof ie not visable from the road). If successful it would have reduced our electricity costs by approximately £2,200 per year and this saving would be spent on services and equipment for our many and diverse users.

We also hoped to install some telemetry which would be used as an educational tool for the children of Stithians Pre-School who are based in the centre.

Unfortunately we did not win!!

We came 4th with 318 votes. The winning project was called JAC Just Around the Corner from Wokingham in Berkshire. JAC is an activity centre for diasadvantaged young people.

Congratulations to JAC who managed to muster a massive 1551 votes.


The Stithians Centre Committee would like to thank everyone who voted for our project. We managed to get our cause featured on Radio Cornwall and in the West Briton.

All is not lost though, we still have an offer from the developers of the Penalurick Solar Farm. If that project goes ahead they have offered to install 10 kw of Solar Panels on The Stithians Centre roof, free of charge, by way of a community benefit.

Stithians Parish Council have recommended that Planning Permission "be refused" so it is by no means clear that the project will finally get the go ahead. If you are interested in seeing how the Planning Permission is proceeding please click below:-

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