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Let us

Promote Your Event

Let us promote your event

There are a number of ways we can help you make your event at The Stithians Centre(TSC) a great great success. Firstly we can publicise it in our Monthly e-news letter which has a circulation of over 500 people.


The news letter is prepared by Judith Twigger the Publicity Officer and is provided free of charge to our valued users. We can also promote your event on this website either on the regular events page or the up-coming events page. We can also include it on TSC Facebook page 


To request inclusion of your event for TSC promotion please use the form below.


Don't forget we will need to know as much as possible about what your event so include:-

EVENT DESCRIPTION, DATE, TIME, VENUE, DURATION, , COST etc Relevant pictures would also be useful *.

Please note you can also do your own promotion by using "Stithians Noticeboard - All Thing Stithians" Facebook Group

You can also post posters on the Stithians Parish Council/Community Noticeboard by dropping them into the Spar Shop (collected twice weekly).


  * By submitting an image to The Stithians Centre for any promotional use, including but not limited to, newsletters, website and Facebook, you confirm that you own the copyright to the image, or you have obtained written permission from the owner of the image, and that you agree to indemnify The Stithians Centre against any claim for breach of copyright

Your message was sent successfully and Judith will contact you if further information is required

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