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Tips from Feet Up! Foot Health Clinic

Posted April 2020 during Coronavirus Pandemic.


Unbelievably, I have been holding my clinic at The Stithians Centre for over 7 years! With the exception of snow, nothing has prevented me from opening on a clinic day. . . . until now! Coronavirus has stopped us all in our tracks, and although we cannot say how long this new way of life will be with us, I for one can’t wait for the time when I can welcome all my loyal patients back into the Crellow Room for my Feet Up! Foot Clinic. If you already have a Feet Up! Appointment in the diary, I will be in contact with you before the date that we would have been due to meet.

In the meantime, toenails continue to grow, corns and callus continue to form, and feet still need a little TLC. Here are a few tips to keep your feet in good condition and to help prevent problems:

Wash your feet often – Keep feet clean by washing them every day in warm soapy water, but don’t soak them too often as this might destroy the natural oils in the skin.

Dry your feet well – This is really important, especially between the toes which is where fungal infections like athlete’s foot can develop.

Moisturise and file – If your skin is dry, apply moisturising cream all over the foot except for between the toes. You can gently remove hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or foot file but don’t overdo it as you could damage fresh skin underneath.

Cut toenails carefully – If you have to trim your toenails, try to use proper nail clippers. Cut straight across, not at an angle or down the edges. File any sharp or rough nails.

Change socks daily – Socks made of cotton, wool or bamboo are best as they are breathable and also help to keep the feet at the correct temperature, as well as helping to avoid foot odour! Always make sure socks fit properly, paying attention to the width of your foot and ankle. If your feet are swollen, look for socks designed to accommodate the swelling. Elastic free socks are great for preventing the cuff of socks cutting into your leg. If you do not have access to these at the moment, you can always make a scissor cut into the top of the sock to relieve the pressure.

If you have neuropathy (difficulty with the sensation of feeling your feet properly) make sure there are no seams inside your sock that may rub and damage your skin. Turning your socks inside out can help prevent rubbing.


If you have unexplained foot pain, it is important to have it investigated, especially if you have a health condition that affects your feet such as Diabetes, poor circulation or a low immune system.


Feel free to call me on 01872 834567 to discuss your options during this difficult time

Right now we all have to stay at home, protect our NHS, and save lives. The time will come when we can resume some kind of normality and you may be assured that I will be back in Stithians with my very comfortable reclining chair, Classic FM playing in the background, looking after your feet once again!

Until then, stay at home, stay safe and stay in touch with vulnerable people, by phone if possible.

“This too shall pass”.

Take care
Karen Myers, S.A.C Dip FHPT, S.A.C Dip FHPP,
Member Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners
IEB. Qualified Pract. Aromatherapy & Reflexology

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