The Stithians Centre




PHILOSOPHY:  The Stithians Centre (TSC) believes that every young person and vulnerable adult, regardless of age or circumstance, has a right to be protected from harm and to feel safe and respected.


•     To ensure that any activities organised or sponsored by hirers of accommodation provided by The Stithians Centre involving young people and vulnerable adults provide an environment where they feel secure and valued.

•     To require any regular or commercial hirer who has contact with children and vulnerable adults to have their own safeguarding policy and procedures in place.

•     To ensure that clear procedures are in place whereby signs of abuse can be recognised and appropriate actions taken

•     To ensure that procedures are in place for the protection of The Stithians Centre employees and volunteer workers who are in contact with young people and vulnerable adults.


•     Have a nominated Safeguarding Officer who can be contacted by telephone:

Catherine Cullen 01209 204450, secretary The Stithians Centre committee

•     Ensure that groups, where children and vulnerable adults may attend not accompanied by their parents/carers, have policies and procedures relating to Safeguarding issues.

•     Display prominently our philosophy, the name of the Safeguarding Officer and contact details as well as the contact details for NSPCC and Childline and other relevant agencies such as Age Concern.

•     Ensure all members of the Trustees, helpers or other volunteers will be made aware of this policy and the relevant vetting procedures.  Should checks become necessary, they will be undertaken in compliance with the Protection of Children Act 1999, the Children Act 1989 and Part V of the Police Act 1997 or any subsequent legislation.  .

•     Follow guidelines laid down by OFSTED and Cornwall Council code of Safeguarding especially with regard to supporting young people and vulnerable adults, the recording and reporting of incidents.

•     Provide training opportunities relating to safeguarding issues.

•     Where appropriate to remind hirers of their obligations and responsibilities and the need for them to have effective safeguarding policies in place.

•     Our Policies and procedures will be monitored and reviewed by Trustees regularly.